This month St. John’s continues to celebrate 275 years of ministry when Ned Cline returns to speak about the hard-covered book he wrote about Lutheranism in North Carolina, and specifically, this congregation.  All the references on this page come from Pioneers in Faith: The Story of Historic St. John’s Lutheran Church & the Foundation of Lutheranism in North Carolina, Ned Cline, 2006; with each reference followed by a page number.  Ned, whose family’s roots flow through here, will make a presentation following a short worship service on Sunday, February 23, at 10:00 in the morning.  A small reception will follow.  The book speaks about the hardship necessitating immigration to the New World.


“The difficult journey to America, the result of the damaging war years in Europe, seemed the best – perhaps the only – hope for many of the German-speaking people.  They had suffered so much for so long in the form of persecution solely because of their Protestant faith.  Residents of the Palatinate area suffered the most and were the first to move to America.” 9


            Ned’s book covers a time where there are scare primary resources --pioneers who settled this geographic area.


“Even before that first church building was carved in the woods along the creek banks of Dutch Buffalo, the faithful flock of Lutherans adhered to their religious beliefs.  Among the earliest written records of that time period is some evidence that Lutheran setters didn’t wait for a building to conduct worship services.” 19


The service of many pastors is addressed and events that would change the life of St. John’s as they knew it at the time.  It seems like each era has brought challenges to this congregation; yet, St. John’s has remained true to the proclamation of their faith in Jesus Christ.


“It is all part of the ideas and ideals of those who have come before to create the foundation for those who are here now and will come later.  As God has called, many have answered.  The light of faith has burned brightly for more than two and a half centuries, and burns brightly still. 140


            Please place on your calendar this special event and welcome back Ned Cline and his words reflecting our roots.


Blessings to all, Pastor Mark

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